Digital Room Darkening Curtains - 2PCS

Digital Blackout Curtains - 2PCS Great Happy IN

Digital Room Darkening Curtains - 2PCS

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Excellent Light-blocking Performance Ensures a Quality Sleep!

It's hard to take a rest during the day when the sun is streaming brightly through a bedroom window. Great Happy room darkening curtains solve this problem easily since they encourage the best possible sleep and offer the most comfortable setting for day sleepers and those who have trouble falling asleep, by automatically darkening and lowering noise levels.! 

WHY YOU WILL LOVE THIS : This Premium Room Darkening Curtains are exactly what you are looking for! These curtains are a balance of decorative and neutral elements that retain your outdoor view. Perfect workmanship and great tailored measurements achieve a beautiful look and refresh your home's ambiance to reflect the season

  • CLASSIC VIBE: The lightweight digital curtain diffuses light for an inviting glow and creates an effortlessly elegant vibe.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN CURTAINS: The beautiful design of digital curtains will add texture and class to any room you hang them in.

  • REDUCE NOISE: The blackout curtains can also help to reduce outside noise from entering the room. It is specially design to give you a rested and peaceful night’s sleep.

  • BLOCK UV RAYS: When you are sleeping, your body is doing the necessary repair. Our high-end blackout curtains can block the harsh UV rays and enables the pineal gland to produce melatonin optimally.

  • BOOST YOUR LIVING SPACE: The curtains are ideal for creating complete darkness that your desire in your room. Plus, if you have kids, then these curtains are particularly important to consider. It will boost any bedroom or living space.

  • PERFECT CURTAINS: The unique design of digital curtains will add shine and interest to your room. If you want to create a dramatic effect in your room, then these high quality curtains are the perfect choice for you. 


  • The premium digital curtains will help in absorbing 99% of the UV rays passing through
  • The durable fabric material of the curtains gives you maximum privacy protection
  • The room darkening curtains will provide a cool atmosphere in summer and keeping heat inside
  • Reduce out side noise and improve your sleep quality.
  • To give a new looks to your bedroom, Kids room, Dining room etc.


More than 12,000 plus customers can't be wrong to buy our Digital Room Darkening Curtains. Here are few love shared by our customer's home. 

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Questions & Answers:

Q: How many curtains required for 6 feet width Window?
A: You need to buy 3pcs curtains for 6 feet width window. Formula is you window or door width / 2 feet, So here 6/2 = 3 pcs you need to purchase. 

Q: Can I get 1pcs or 3pcs?
A: Yes this is available, Please contact our WhatsApp support team, they will arrange it for you. 

Q: Can the size/length of curtains be Customized?
A: No. It cant be customized.

Q: Is this 100% Blackout Curtains?
A: No, this is 90% blackout, best to say room darkening curtains.  

Q: Do you have any return policy?
A: Yes, we have 10 days return policy for any damage product or any wrong colour issue, pls check our return policy page for more details.

Q: What to do if the Curtains not fit after purchase?
A: We always recommend to purchase after checking measuring guide mentioned above, Please check size details before order.

Q: Are you deliver at home & what is the delivery cost?
A: Yes, we safely deliver the order at your home within 3-7 days and the best part is we don't have any delivery cost, we offer FREE Delivery in all over India.  


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